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About Us 

Performing Arts classes in Malahide & Swords for students aged 3 - 18.

We are the only local school that combines professional tuition in the 3 disciplines (acting, singing and dancing), in a fun-filled, creative and engaging environment. 

Students aged 3&4 can take part in a 45 minute class that spends 15 minutes on each discipline. 

Students aged 5 - 18 years enjoy weekly class that lasts 1 hour and 45 mins and spend 35 minutes with each discipline. These classes are taught by 3 specialist teachers, in 3 separate rooms, so the Drama House class is engaging, interactive and fun filled! 

We use Performing Arts skills to help develop the whole self. The benefits of Performing Arts training are immeasurable, but they include building confidence and self presentation skills, being used as a medium for self expression, helping to develop problem solving and perseverance, along with fostering empathy and compassion, develop physical fitness and it has also been linked to higher academic achievement. 

Every year is different, but generally we work towards an end of year show in May!

We are so privileged to have an amazing team of fully vetted, qualified Dance, Singing and Drama teachers with a wealth of experience in teaching students of all ages and are passionate about their subject.              

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Act. Sing. Dance. Inspire. Create. Play.
Sarah Healy Drama teacher

Sarah Healy 

Director of Drama House 




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